From the rising of the sun to its setting, each day at Reimnet has gotten me one code ahead. My name is Tamunopriye Dagogo-George; I’m a computer science student in the University Of Ilorin currently serving a 6-month internship program at Reimnet, a Software Development Company.

My goal is to become a renowned software developer in Nigeria and beyond. Fulfilling this goal is my top priority thus, finding a good software development company to put me on track was necessary. I found Reimnet on the web, through a basic search. The website was really attractive I must say, it had colors blended in the most pleasant way and designs I thought were really cool, just then I knew this was the place for me.

I started not shortly after I applied and so far the journey has affected me in ways I did not foresee. They had a prepared curriculum; a learning process for interns which included programming languages I had to learn before I start active projects with them.  Resumption time is 9am till about 5pm which is a little tricky for me because I tend to go late or return earlier than stipulated time……Nevertheless, I try to cover the day’s assignments before it ends.

I started the learning process which lasted for two months and some weeks. During this period, I solved problems/projects at the end of each outline in relation to what I had learnt, this was just to keep me on track and to be sure I have good knowledge of what I studied. I am currently working on a live project as the learning process is over and I hope to make the best of this opportunity.

At Reimnet we carry out “inspection points” at the office every Thursday, during this period we all say how far we’ve gone with our projects and how much work we have left to get them completed. This has been really helpful because you get to know how much progress you’ve made within a time frame. Also on Wednesdays, we have this little “town hall meeting” where each staff takes a topic for discussion, anything related to tech but generic. This also enlightens me as a tech-enthusiast.

My experience in Reimnet really shaped my programming methods. Now I write cleaner codes and debug easier than I used to. I learnt new ways to stay updated with technology trends and tools I needed as a programmer, not to forget celebrations at the office with mouthwatering cakes and pizza, nice co-workers, a friendly environment, and our music jams; my personal favorite.

In conclusion, Reimnet is a wonderful place to be at and I really hope to run a tech firm like this someday, impacting knowledge into tech-enthusiasts globally and solving problems one code at a time.

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