TOOLS FOR AGILE PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT TEAMSThe startup story starts and ends with speed, the ability to build, test and scale while establishing a working and profitable business. Today most of this businesses are technology driven and their success most times depends on the success of her tech term, below are tools to aid your team’s performance.

Sublime Text / Vscode / Atom: Since developers spend a lot of their time writing code ( code is poetry ), a high performance and customizable text editor is an essential piece of tech. these editors allow your team to build beautiful, functional code; with plugins to hack increased performance and speed at writing code, down to inline Guard tools e.t.c, I personally prefer vscode but Sublime Text is faster and better for pc’s with RAM below 8GB.

New Relic or Its alternatives: Your cloud application won’t change the world unless your users have a good experience. Always ensure that you track your application  performance in real time. This allows you to troubleshoot issues and look for ways to improve your app every day.

GitHub / Gitlab / Bitbucket: This gives your development team an easy way to store code in the cloud. It’s also used for in-depth code reviews and discussions.

Task / Workflow management.

To properly manage a projects of any size and ensure that features ship on time and on spec, You need a process and tools to implement them.

Asana / Trello:  These tools allow you to visually track projects as they move from idea to shipped. They provide  lots of functionality for teams to enable them monitor and deliver projects faster. One of those features is a communication thread specific to a project. A team not using some kind of software to manage and communicate about each specific project isn’t as efficient as they could be.

Google Docs: Google Drive is an easy way for your startup to build an internal wiki and it’s great that google apps can also be used for business.

Communication: Communication is always a challenge, especially when you have some dev team members working remotely. As long as you have the right communication tools in place your dev team won’t skip a beat.

Slack: It’s easy to use and allows teams to communicate easily no matter where team members are working, They can quickly and easily bounce ideas off one another and ask for help if they’re running into issues with a particular feature or bug from any device.

Screen Hero: This allows members of the team to share their screen in real time, and to allow multiple cursors so you can actually pair program on someone else’s machine, it works really well with slack.

At the end communication is  what you really need to excel as a team and with all of these tools properly integrated into your workflow / processes I am sure you will beat all your milestones for 2018.

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