Microsoft Welcomes Progressive Web Apps to Edge and Windows 10


Over a year ago, Microsoft  outlined  the vision to bring Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) to more than half a billion devices running Windows 10. PWAs bridge the gap between the web apps we all love to build and a native app’s fluid elegance. PWAs  feel more special even though it’s built on a full web stack in the browser. They also come with the features we love so much about the Web –...



In the last decade technology has been an integral part of doing business. It is safe to say that thriving businesses around the globe are based on their adoption of technology. Businesses in Nigeria need to keep up with trends which are ever changing, at most, we play catch up with trends in technology. I will not be wrong to say that businesses have need for the following: Email Marketing...

Essential Tools for Agile Product Development Teams in 2018


  The startup story starts and ends with speed, the ability to build, test and scale while establishing a working and profitable business. Today most of this businesses are technology driven and their success most times depends on the success of her tech term, below are tools to aid your team’s performance. Sublime Text / Vscode / Atom: Since developers spend a lot of their time...

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