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  1. Get digital: The world is getting digital and business to are also thriving to get as digital as possible. One of the fastest ways to grow your business and make a name is to go digital. There are many digital marketing techniques such as social media, websites and mobile apps that you could use to give your company a name.
  2. Make sure all your products and services are usable by the clients: Your business can be known by billions of people but nobody is patronizing it. There are various reasons why your customers might not be interested in your products/services. It may be that:
    • They do not know the uses of your product/services, you would have to enlighten them on why they should use your products/services and how they should use them.
    • They find your products too expensive, you would have to tell them why they should spend their money on your product/service or give it to them at a more reasonable rate.
    • It could also be that they just couldn’t use your website or mobile app because it hard to navigate and not responsive. In this case, you would have to look for a way to make this app/website more responsive by consulting professionals.
  3. Your Customer service matters: Many companies think they can treat their customers anyhow and get away with it. They do not understand that nobody likes to be treated wrongly. No matter how good your product/service is if you have a bad customer service you would lose you customers and clients to your competitors with good customer service. Here are some tips that would help you improve your customer service
    • Have a good and responsive website: Your company’s website is the first place that your customers go to when they need your products/services. If the website is hard to use then your customers would probably give up halfway through their visit on your website. Make sure you also list everything your company is offering the customer/client on your website.
    • Have friendly staff: Your staff matter, because it takes just one bad staff to drive a customer away from your company. Make sure they are able to communicate properly with the customers/clients.
    • Know your customers: How would you feel when someone you have spoken to only once remembers your name and your birthday the next time you meet? Special right? That is how customers feel when a company takes time to remember little details about them.
  4. Be open and honest: The best way to earn your customer’s trust is by being open and honest about your companies’ process. Most people feel more confident when they know the process taken to arrive at a product. However, you have to do that in a smart manner, you don’t want to disclose confidential information all in the name of being open.
  5. Always look for new opportunities to grow: Always look for new opportunities to grow. Set goals for yourself and once you achieve that you can set another goal. For example, a tailor who sews clothes can set a goal for herself to acquire 200 consistent clients in one year, after she has achieved that goal she can set her next goal to employ a fashion designer to make the clothes she sews more fashionable, Finally she can start a clothing brand and just employ junior tailors to work for her. That’s progress!

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